Complete Pest Control offers 100% natural, organic and conventional lawn care products for healthy green lawns.

staugustinegrass.jpgMaintaining a healthy lawn year round requires proper lawn maintenance, which can take up a lot of your precious time.  Having a thick lush lawn does not have to be your labor of love.  Let our trained lawn care specialists make sure your lawn is properly maintained, fertilized and rid of lawn-feeding pests and weeds.

Complete Pest Control will identify problems that exist, are emerging, and quickly get your lawn on a well-balanced regimen. Call us today to schedule a lawn care evaluation.

We implement environmentally responsible treatments to keep your family and the environment safe.

whitefly315Tropical climates attract all sorts of pests, insects and pathogens that can infect our beautiful flora, spreading from one plant to another. Whiteflies, giant palm borers, budworms, weevil, mealybugs are only a handful of the insects that plaque our beautiful palms. Typical symptoms include leaf wilting, yellowing, leaf drop and plant decline. Many types of insects and diseases can be cured with tree injections.

As an ArborJet service provider, we inject systemic insecticides and fungicides directly into the tree. Tree injections efficiently treat many disease and insect problems, are longer lasting than foliar sprays and limit any impact to your family and the environment.

Complete Pest Control’s effective pest control management program will keep your plants, trees and homes pest free and safe.


WHITE_BIRD_PARADISE_PALM-200X267Don’t let lethal yellowing or pests damage your exotic palm investment. We provide preventative treatments to keep your palms healthy and beautiful. Our tree specialists provide tree fertilization, tree treatments, tree injections and fungicide treatments to enhance your Treasure Coast landscaping.




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