Rodent Control

1-ratos_01Rats and mice are very destructive and while this may cause a lot of expense when you have to replace or repair cabinetry and wood work or furniture he can also become very dangerous. Much of their damage that they are doing may be out of your sight and inside your walls. Mice love to chew everything in sight. Mice love to gnaw on insulation and wiring. Faulty electrical wiring caused by rodents has produced many house fires. Damage to home insulation can cost thousands of dollars worth of damage and can also be a fire hazard.

Rodents in your attic can create an undetected fire hazard knawing on your electrical wires.

squirrelIt’s hard enough to get a good night’s sleep without the intrusion of squirrels and rodents inside your crawl space.¬†Everything is quiet until you’re ready to slumber and then it sounds like the rodents are partying all night. Poison may seem like an easy solution, but the problem gets truly unbearable when they die inside your home and the stench of decay lasts weeks on end. ¬†Our wildlife remediation experts will eliminate the problem for you letting you get back to sleep in a safe & quiet home.